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  1. My thesis has been released (german) July 12, 2011

    Posted in Game Development.

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  2. Yampa Haskell-Wiki update July 2, 2011

    Posted in Haskell.

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Why I switched from component-based game engine architecture to functional reactive programming

Components have become pretty popular these days and I'd like to share some issues we had with them in our game projects. I was experimenting with component-based game engine architectures for 2 years and eventually stumbled upon functional reactive programming (FRP) to solve some of the issues of game-object components. ...

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Dataflow diagram of Yampa reactimate

download diagram (.svg), fonts (cmr10.ttf, cmtt10.ttf) For me as a Haskell beginner the biggest problem in understanding Yampa reactimate was how the objects are actually passed around and transformed as all the signatures are very, very... very generic. This diagram shows an example scenario staring Pacman (the player), a cherry (enemy ...

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Aeon Racer mobile game

Today our little indie game start-up called Modern Alchemists released the first "bigger" game Aeon Racer for iPhone and Android! Check it out at (I declare an interest) I really do like the game mostly because of the controls. You really have to have fast reflexes to dodge the gates and I ...

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FRP - Robotroannah Trailer

Robotroannah is a clone of the Robotron 2048 computer game. It uses functional reactive programming (FRP) with Haskell/Yampa and the hsSDL subsystem. FRP allows the functionality of a game to be connected in an incredible flexible and reusable way, resulting in about 250 lines of game specific code. Credits: FRP: ...

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