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EclipseFP – Call for feature requests!

JP Moresmau’s, the (new) developer of EclipseFP Haskell IDE plugin, recently releast a new version 1.111 and wrote on EclipseFP blog:

There aren’t too many feature enhancements because I didn’t get any requests for it. I’m not too sure a lot of people are using EclipseFP and are interested in seeing it improved. I suppose now with a Cabalized gtk2hs Leksah becomes more attractive. Anyway, if you have requests for EclipseFP let me know!

There are probably a lot more users like me out there who use EclipseFP and actually do have feature requests. Maybe we should let the developers know and show the project some appreciation :).

For a user coming from the Windows world I think EclipseFP is the best Haskell IDE. It provides basic features for Haskell development in a familiar editor environment (unlike emacs) and is stable and easy to install (unlike Leksah on Ubuntu 10.04).

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