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FRP – Robotroannah Trailer

Robotroannah is a clone of the Robotron 2048 computer game. It uses functional reactive programming (FRP) with Haskell/Yampa and the hsSDL subsystem. FRP allows the functionality of a game to be connected in an incredible flexible and reusable way, resulting in about 250 lines of game specific code.

FRP: Yampa
Sprites: Ball Bullet Gun, Mercanaries, sprite lib
Music: Bo Mellberg, J.K. – Dawn Beyond Ub-11

My work was the whole functionality of the game.

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5 Responses

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  1. giggsy says

    Nice one!
    Didn’t think that is possible using FRP….^^
    Love the music too! =)

  2. Gerold Meisinger says

    “Not possible with FRP”
    Ha! Ridiculous. :)

  3. anon says

    Would really like to see the source to this.

  4. Ivan says

    Same as anon here. 19 months later and still we have very few samples of Yampa games. This would make more than a fair contribution. I, too, would love to see the source.

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    FRP – Robotroannah Trailer – Lambdor Devblog by Gerold Meisinger

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