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Aeon Racer mobile game

Today our little indie game start-up called Modern Alchemists released the first “bigger” game Aeon Racer for iPhone and Android!

Check it out at

(I declare an interest)
I really do like the game mostly because of the controls. You really have to have fast reflexes to dodge the gates and I think particularly pro gamers will like it. We also released an free online version to try-before-buy, but the real fun unfolds using rotation sensors with a mobile device. Have fun and please leave a comment and rate us! :)

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  1. Victor says

    Looks pretty fun, nothing like a classic side-scroller to bring back those fond memories of yesteryear. Phones are a great platform for them too, I think, much more so than a desktop/laptop.

    I actually just got a smartphone, so am finally getting to enjoy some of these nice time wasters :D Trying to make up for lost time…

  2. snk_kid says

    Wha did you guys use to develop this?

  3. Gerold Meisinger says

    Thanks for the comments ^^

    We used the ShiVa framework. One of our developers wrote a post-mortem for Aeon Racer (, if you want to find out more.

    The programming language is Lua, not Haskell :) To be honest, I still need to convince myself to use Haskell productively for mobile game development. I’m on it!

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