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This blog is mostly about small tutorials in Haskell and Yampa FRP for game development. I graduated in game development specializing on component based game engines. Right now I’m working with 3 friends at our mobile startup called Modern Alchemists.


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  1. Jacob says

    Hey, I just wanted to ask how you got involved in FRP. Did you learn FRP in school? What school did you attend in the past? I really want to get into these things, as I am a first year computer science student, but it appears most computer science programs in the US only teach imperative paradigms. Thank you for any response to these inquiries!

  2. Gerold Meisinger says

    I was researching component based game-object system and eventually found that I wanted to directly connect variables and started broadcasting the elapsedTime directly to all time depended variables. This was some weird way of what we would now call a Behaviour. After doing some investigation I found Conals Fran paper and that’s where it all started.

    No, I didn’t learn it at university, though I was writing my thesis about it. The only course we had was called “alternative programming paradigms”, which was mostly Scheme and little Haskell and Prolog.

  3. John says

    Hey, I was wondering if you could share some links regarding FRP. Anything that has more information/ how to properly implement it would be great. I’m trying to build a strong argument against game object component architecture before I present FRP to my team. We’re planning on making a 2.5D shoot em up (think Gradius) and we have to build it from the ground up in C++. Any thoughts or ideas you have on this would also be greatly beneficial. I thank you beforehand for any response. Have a great day.

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